San Diego Warehousing

Print On Demand San Diego

Inventory Management

From a single marketing package to several thousand playbills for your next tour stop.

Store surplus items in ReproMagic's 28,000 sq foot, ISO compliant facility, where we can organize and ship orders daily.

ReproMagic can customize a personal online storefront for your business. Like your own catalog, you can order the print and promotional items you rely on.


  • Track on-hand inventory.
  • Get notifications when you're running low on a particular item. 
  • Restock items to agreed levels. 
  • Access orders and shipping reports.
  • Customize features for approval and billing.
  • Track shipments.
  • Customize shipping instructions.
  • Store shipping data.

Edit & Proof Products

Buyers can modify, verify, and customize products at their discretion.


ReproMagic manufactures or supplies all the commodities in your catalog, to ensure the color, design, and quality maintains brand integrity.


You control the basic look of your product, but branch offices can change addresses and other information that may vary from location to location.

Print On Demand San Diego

Custom items and small volume orders work great with Print-on-Demand. We can produce and ship orders where and when you need them. Your storefront and Print-on-Demand needs are just a click away—but your Account Manager will be on-hand to fix problems and provide one-on-one help.

Direct Mail